How to Share My Board File Securely? Get the answer

In the work of managers, the security of data transmission plays a very significant role. It doesn’t matter what size company it is. Giant corporations, as well as small businesses, seek to protect their data. They come to the aid of special software called the board portal.

Benefits of board portals

Software for managers dramatically simplifies the work of the managers’ apparatus and has several positive aspects:

  • Management efficiency is increased by 50%. Accordingly, the management apparatus of the company spends time not on sorting through an infinite number of papers but on thinking through plans, strategies, and future steps.
  • All documents are in complete security, and they are available to each of the managers 24/7. Board portal programs are somewhat reminiscent of cloud storage. However, they provide much deeper data protection. For example, there are several levels of encryption and numerous authorization settings.
  • The work of both the management apparatus and the team becomes more visual. Now every step of your enterprise can be tracked. You can see which tasks are in progress and have already been completed.
  • The disappearance of paperwork. The company can not only save on office materials but also not waste time on all these moments – you have the opportunity to focus on more critical tasks.

By choosing a successful board portal once, you open up new horizons in the company’s management and do an invaluable service to both your colleagues and company employees.

Best examples of board portal software

There are about fifty different services that provide board portal services to date.

Nasdaq Boardvantage

This service has a name that many have already trusted for decades. The developer reports that the program is suitable for the board of directors in companies of any size. However, Nasdaq Boardvantage is ideal for significant holdings that need extensive functionality. In addition, there are no problems in paying for its services in 20-30 thousand dollars a year.

Admincontrol Board Portal

This service is based on cloud technology and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. However, there are basic features that are essential for business owners. For example, you can create reports, hold meetings with minutes, and make online signatures here.

During meetings, the management team can take notes and create documents directly in the program, which significantly speeds up the pace of work.

Azeus Convene

This software helps the board of directors and can be used for teamwork. The many awards confirm the high ratings that Azeus Convene has. Many convenient tools for holding meetings, including voting, notifications, and separate rooms for several parallel conferences. The program interface is clear and straightforward.


The program received the “Ease of Use” badge from Capterra – this is not surprising because you can quickly convene a meeting, take a vote, and execute and save documents while all of them are in complete safety. Preparing for a meeting is as simple as the meeting itself.


This software is in the middle price segment, which can be interesting for small and large businesses. One of the strengths is integrating artificial intelligence, which helps analyze and collect statistical data.

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