Useful Strategic Planning Software for Nonprofits

Even in a small company, it cannot be easy to find compromises about which direction to go next. Each representative of the team believes that his idea deserves to be implemented in the first place. And if, at first, it seems that this is how the truth is born, then it becomes apparent that it will not be possible to start growing without a single concept. Strategic planning helps to choose the direction of the company’s development even if your organization is classified as a Nonprofit.

Why is the software helpful for strategic planning?

If you have already come up with the first steps in your strategy, then it would be best to use special software to fix them. Working with the software will facilitate the task and make the whole process comfortable for you and your team. Applications will help you with such schemes:

  • Creating “routes” of your strategy – in the programs, you can show what goals you plan to achieve and what you will do to accomplish this.
  • Select an executor for a particular task. Since your entire team is at hand, you can immediately assign an executor to a specific task.
  • Tracking information and collecting data on the readiness of tasks. The program clearly shows what task and at what stage of execution it is.
  • Engaging other team members to complete tasks. For example, if suddenly you have someone accessible, you can invite him to start working on additional charges.

Now you can refuse papers, numerous notes, and hundreds of meetings – everything is done quickly with the help of unique applications.

Sample Programs for Nonprofit Organizations

Here you will see some strategic planning programs suitable for nonprofit organizations.

KPI Fire

A great tool that contains all the options you need to create and implement your business strategy. Ideal for management tasks, collaborating on ideas and tracking progress. Suitable for a variety of areas: from services to healthcare.


It is easy to understand the basic functionality; the interface is in English. It is necessary to create columns, give them a name, add tasks, and assign an executor. There is a mobile application. Instead of an organizer, it is convenient to use the free tariff for personal purposes. Working with a team is inconvenient for long-term projects; it is difficult to track the completion of a task—good service for managing projects in small groups.


Asana has come a long way – it seems to be growing with its users! Like any other, the system has several drawbacks, but there are pluses. Despite the free version, users always receive prompt support and answers to their questions.


The preset configuration is enough to start using it already. You can fully customize it to your needs, although the words “completely” do not describe Jira’s functionality. There is a simple and convenient mobile application.


Excellent project management and project management tool are available on all popular platforms. The service is easy to use, and switching from another application will not be difficult. A comprehensive functionality allows you to manage combinations of folders, statuses, boards, and notes. However, beginners can quickly get confused due to the abundance of buttons and options; the program may seem too busy.

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